An Indian-American considers dropping out of medical school to pursue a career in comedy, acting and rap, giving a big mouth to his inner voice that bolsters and threatens both paths. 

(Pilot, Half-Hour Dramedy, R)

Dave meets Atlanta with a splash of Scrubs meets an inverted Master of None

A pre-med, Indian-American rideshare driver (triple non-threat) gets caught in a dangerous fraternity-sorority rivalry which turns out to be a war on the whole Greek system. 

(Pilot, Half-Hour Thriller/Satire, R)

Barry meets Neighbors; a Promising Young Woman walks into an Animal House

After the 2013 REDEFINITION of literally to figuratively tears a small hole in reality, the PC Police – originally conceived as a joke – have to prevent the world from spinning into chaos when words take on more power and the metaphorical becomes increasingly real one decade on, beginning with a routine hunt to unmask the anonymous (presumed white) rapper Blackface before stumbling on a force much more sinister: paparazzi-turned-record company TMI who recently acquired FOE News. 

(Pilot, Hourlong Sci-fi Fantasy Dramedy Satire, R)

Don't Look Up meets South Park meets Brooklyn 99

A group of savvy sorority girls masterminds the perfect crime, drawing a rival group of frat boys to “crash” a Girls Night at a mansion in the woods in order to exact revenge, taking turns as an iconic, seemingly supernatural, new killer. 

(Feature, Horror/Dark Comedy, R)

Scream meets Final Destination meets Cabin in the Woods

After an African-American man wrongfully convicted of murder breaks out of prison during a mysterious outbreak, he sneaks back in to decide where he’s better off. 

(Feature, Thriller Horror Sci-fi Satire, R) 

Enemy of the State meets zombies meets The Game


Santa Claus has skeletons in his closet. His wife left him. Jack Frost is crushed by climate change. Père Fouettard, former employee turned Omnicon CEO/primary world polluter, vows revenge and automation of Christmas. Oh, and the Moral Compass is missing: the device that spits out the Naughty or Nice list. Aura, our young hero and aspiring E.L.F., leads a misanthropic Santa on an epic journey of redemption to find the Moral Compass, confront ghouls of Christmas past and restore belief in himself and the world. 

(Feature, Family Animation, PG)

"Lord and Miller" meets Christmas

An agnostic Indian-American inherits his grandmother’s Tarot shop in a small town and reluctantly starts treating people through psychology and modern medicine under the guise of fortune telling.

(Pilot, Satire, Neo-Western, R)

Inverted Ted Lasso meets Justified meets The Office

Blood Knot

Boy scouts on a secluded retreat begin to suspect their leader is a vampire 

(Short, Horror, Dark Comedy, R) 

Quarterfinalist - PAGE International Screenplay Competition


An overworked Indian-American eighth-grader sends a robot to school for him 

(Short, Family, G)

Bad Words meets Good Boys

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Short Film Screenplays

An overworked Indian-American eighth-grader sends a robot to school for him (Short, Family, G)

A serial killer (maybe) picks up a hitchhiker who’s also a serial killer (maybe) (Thriller, R)

An ostracized albino elephant has to rescue his missing herd (Short, Family Animation, G)


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